We’re not dead yet!

Your friendly neighborhood Houston Area Ghostbusters are on a bit of a break, but don’t count us out for good! We are still looking for great events to attend and still have people willing to join up and face the slime!

The most active place you will see more information about events and whatnot will be on our Facebook Page. Follow this link, and we’ll see you out there:


We’re still ready to believe you!

Space City Con, August 2-4

Space City ConThis one’s a little ways off, but too much warning is always better than not enough. Come see the Houston Area Ghostbusters and a bunch of other cool people at the second Space City Con!

This year it’ll be held August 2-4 at the┬áHouston Marriott Westchase (2900 Briarpark Dr., Houston, Texas 77042). We had a great time last year, and this year will be even better.


Austin Comic Con 2012! October 26, 27, & 28

The Houston Area Ghostbusters are once again proud to be a part of Wizard World: Austin Comic Con.

While there are no Ghostbusters guests attending this year, there are plenty of celebrity guests from other fandoms. In fact, if you’re a Star Trek fan, then this is the year to attend as pretty much the entire cast of Star Trek The Next Generation will be attending. They’re only missing Whoopi Goldberg.

So join us in Austin on October 26-28 for a weekend full of geeky fun in the weirdest city Texas has to offer!

To purchase tickets or VIP photo op passes visit the Online Ticket Center.

See ‘Ghostbusters’ this Sunday, Sept. 16th at the Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park!

Yes, friends! The Alamo Drafthouse is showing this legendary movie this Sunday! Come on out at 6:30pm to see the legendary movie that got us all into this fine business of Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations! And, of course, your friendly neighborhood Houston Area Ghostbusters will be there for pictures and questions before and after the movie. Come on out, eat some food, and enjoy the movie!

Everything was fine…

…until Dickless over there shut off the containment grid. Which allowed some sort of nasty haxbot in, which pretty much slimed up the whole site. It also appears to have let in some bees. We’re, uh, not really sure where those came from.

But we’ve just about gotten things back to normal and with a shiny new website now! Thank you for your patience and continued support.